Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Halfway There... But Not Living on a Prayer

They got more trim dressed like that than you ever will...

Fact: The longest winning streak any HBFFL team had last season was six games (Fantasy Virgin aka. Defending Champion, aka. Tranny McTrannerson).

Fact: With their Week 7 victory over Totes McGoats (now named Prestige Worldwide for some reason) Renal Failure's current streak stands at seven.

We're at the halfway point of the HBFFL season and it's been a rough first half for teams not named Renal Failure. The People's Champion is the sole member of the 700 Club (767 pts this season, almost 110 pts a game) and is a full three games ahead of its closest competitors: the Hard to Kill La Machine, the aforementioned gender-confused Defending Champions, and the quickly wilting What the Canuck? who have lost their last three games.

But that trio has more to worry about than catching the Macho Fantasy Football Wrestler that is your first place Renal Failure. For close behind them is a hungry pack of 3-4 teams: the brawny Totes/Prestige, the left-thumbless Predator Press, the recent scoring juggernaut that is the Googlyeyed Goons (who lost 132-131 this week to the DefChamps after putting up 130pts in Week 6), and the Week 8 Enemy of the People known as the Ramblers (we'll preview that matchup later in the week).

And just behind them at 2-5 are Team Duckgirl and Bald Spots. If Bald Spots can get some momentum off their big win over What the Canuck? and Duckgirl can remember to field a lineup, they can make the playoff race very interesting. Or at least play spoiler to a number of teams. The sweet taste of success is only rivaled by the spicy tang of spite.

But what the People want to know is can the Nobel Laureate of the HBFFL run the table? Can the Duke of New York (we are A-Number-One) go 14-0? Possibly, considering Renal Failure has weathered the bye weeks of top performers Philip Rivers and Maurice Jones-Drew, and there's depth on the bench in case of injuries. But most likely not. Someone's going to have the People's Number eventually. Still, you can never count out Renal Failure. We're not called The Wild Card (bitches!) for nothing.

Just don't talk about playoffs... at least not yet.

---Contrary to what Dennis Green says, Renal Failure is not who you think they are.

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Unfinished Rambler said...

Just remember pride cometh before a fall, my friend, and you're headed for one, Week 8.