Sunday, August 23, 2009

Sex Change After 14 Years of Marriage?

OMG? Am I writing a blog? When did I turn into Leigh (from leighonline)?

Last year, Leigh got dragged into the Humor Bloggers Football league and does not know a thing about football...hell, or sports in general. Shopping at the mall when it is busy is the most competitive thing Leigh does. So, I hid in the closet under the name Fantasy Virgin in 2008 and destroyed the competition.

This year, I have decided to play the game without masquerading as my wife, and Chris (angry seafood) gave me a link so I can blog. (First sign that I have turned into Leigh).

As a profession, I have been selling drugs for over the last 10 years. I am currently selling chemotherapy in our oncology division. However, an opportunity to work in the plastic surgery/aesthetic arena has opened up. The topic of conversation at the casa is no longer about the kids, or the drunk neighbors, it's about face wrinkles. WTF, we are watching TV and I'm commenting on how crappy movie stars look. I'm getting excited for the next Botox party! (2nd sign)

I shopped at WalMart today (w/o any other family members). Leigh has spent so much time at WalMart, that the greeter sends her a Christmas Card. In the past, I have begged her to shop anywhere else. So when my kids helped me unload groceries, they almost had a heart attack that I had WalMart bags in the car. (3rd sign).

Pretty soon I will be making order out of chaos (Leigh's personal motto), going to ladies night out, and hosting bunko.

And I'm still gonna kick all your asses this year in Fantasy Football, bitches.


leigh said...

of course, you also neglected to tell them how you like to dress up in my clothes.

Chris C said...

Thanks Joe for giving the rest of us a humor angle to make fun of you with all season long: cross dressing.

Anonymous said...

Wow!!!!! I'm shakkking. ;)

No, really, actually I am. That was pretty damned scary.

LOBO said...

Haha!!!! OMG that's freakin hilarious!.