Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Tuesday Morning...er...I mean...Afternoon Quarterback: The Beggars Can't Be Choosers Edition

After suffering back-to-back losses in the two previous weeks, my fantasy team bounced back this week in an unspectacular 85-21 victory over Team Duckgirl, "coached" by Allison from Tales of La La Land.

I say "coached" because Allison didn't field a team against me. She conveniently forgot to play her quarterback, running back AND wide receiver.


"Uh, yeah, great job, coach. You're doing a wonderful job this year. I have no idea why I threw my helmet last night."

With Matt Hasselbeck, Mike Sims-Walker and Kevin Smith on byes, she didn't play...er...Tony Romo, D'Angelo Williams or Lavernaues Coles to replace the previous week's lineup, OR bring up the Dallas D and John Carney from the bench. If she had, this would have been a repeat performance of last week's Tuesday Morning QB with me getting spanked again by a girl.

If I had known what she was going to do, I only would have played Aaron Rodgers. He alone would have outscored her entire...ahem...team.

I just hope this isn't a harbinger of what is to come for you, Duck Girl.

"Damn you, ducks, damn you."


Allison said...


Wednesday morning response coming.

Fantasy Football makes me insane.

Unfinished Rambler said...

Oh, sure, now you show up ;).