Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Tuesday Morning QB: Angering The Football Gods

I knew it was going to be a bad week when my opponent, Lobo of Predator Press sent me an e-mail early Sunday afternoon:

"MAN you are catching a lot of bad breaks today! Did u anger the football gods or something?"

I think I must have.

So how do you know you've angered the football gods?

When Big Ben and Ronnie Brown score more than your entire team!

They had 52 points. My team had 46 points to Lobo's final team total of 119 points.

The leading scorer for my team was...Glenn Coffee with 12 points, followed by SJax with 10. They were the only two in double digits.

David Garrard almost made it to double digits, giving me 9 points. But Randy Moss with his 3 and DeSean Jackson (DJax) and Dustin Keller with a combined 0 points were the real disappointments.

Later Sunday evening, Lobo noted in an e-mail to me and Chris Cameron of Angry Seafood that as penance for my angering the football gods that I "should dance in circles naked around [my] television after sacrificing a live chicken or something."

I responded:

"I usually listen to the games on NFL Sirius because we don't have cable so it will probably be the radio I'll be dancing in front of. I may have to forego the live chicken because we have a cat and I think he might go a little crazy.

"A dead chicken, maybe? He could have fun with that. I'll just have to make sure the feathers are out first and only let him 'nom' on the dead carcass for a few minutes before I take it away from him."

I also should hasten to add I'll forgo the "naked" part too.

Photos to follow next week.


Hindleyite said...

Wow, how long has this been going, and why wasn't I aware of it before now? :)

LOBO said...

Well, if it makes you feel any better "the party is over" for me. I spend the next 4-5 weeks against What the Canuck, Renal Failure, La Machine and Defending Champion.

It wouldn't be so bad if I didn't botch my lineup in week one. That extra win might've given me some wiggle room ... but with my team riddled with injuries and bye weeks, I'm anticipating somewhat of an excruciating free-fall from here.

Hindleyite: This is our second year, and we were crying for more participants. Stay tuned, and we'll be seeing you on the gridiron soon enough! :)

Unfinished Rambler said...

Hindleyite: It's AMERICAN football, that's why you weren't aware of it. ;)

Lobo: Yep, you're screwed. I'd add a smiley emoticon, but it's no laughing matter...(emotion deleted).

renalfailure said...

I'm not used to teams being wringing their hands about playing me. It's an odd feeling.

I didn't say stop.