Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Not only did it smell like victory, but also it was victory

Unlike my first couple of Tuesday Morning Quarterback posts this year where I was able to post them on Mondays, this one I wasn't able to post until today, thanks to my last player being in last night's Packers-Vikings matchup.

I know, the story of last night's game for many was this guy:

But for me, it was this guy:

Oops, I mean, of course, her (Julie Henderson) boyfriend, Aaron Rodger, my starting quarterback, also known as A-Rod Jr. (A-Rod Sr., better known as just A-Rod, of course plays for the Yanks). However, I thought she'd be a bit easier on the eyes, don't you agree than this?


Or more accurately, the story of last night's game for me was A-Rod Jr. vs. two of his teammates, wide receiver Donald Driver and running back Ryan Grant, who were on the team of my opponent, LaMachine.

Thankfully, A-Rod Jr. himself and the Minnesota defense helped limit both Driver and Grant. Jr. hooked up with tight end Jermichael Finley and wide receiver Jordy Nelson instead, and the Minnesota D held Grant to 50 yards.

A-Rod Jr., meanwhile, shined, going 26 for 37 and 384 yards, plus the two aforementioned touchdowns.

Me? Even with QB David Garrard putting up 42 points himself, going 27 for 37, 323 yards and three touchdowns, I wouldn't have played it any differently.

My opponent, meanwhile, might have wished he did as instead of playing Ray Rice and Knowshon Moreno at running back and flex, he played Chris Johnson and Grant at running back and flex. Rice and Moreno torched up 32 points while Johnson and Grant merely sparked 21 points. That at least would have tied the game between us.

Also if he had played Bernard Berrian, instead of Driver, he would have scored an additional eight points or just enough to beat me, 114-106.

On Facebook, LaMachine owner Chris Cameron told me this morning that I will "rue the day" when I meet him in Week 13. I told him "rue" was a pretty strong word for an early Tuesday morning and that I doubted it, although I said I might look back at the day wistfully.

"Rue"? I don't think so.

rue the day Pictures, Images and Photos
photo courtesy of Laura Hudson

Now if I mentioned that in my next game against Chris I'd pull a "boner," I might be ruing that...which mind you, I didn't and I won't. If anything, I predict another tight matchup with myself and the league founder, and that's no joke.


Jeff said...

Fantasy football sounds complicated. Regular football is complicated enough.

On the other hand Julie Henderson is an uncomplicated fantasy.

Prefers Her Fantasy Life said...

I know this is small, but I hope the girl has five kids and gets stretch marks and cellulose.

Lisa @ Boondock Ramblings said...

I agree with PHFL. That beyotch better be real ugly in real life. ALso I think posting her photo bordered on obscene and I'm telling mom! Pfffffbbbtt!

Beau Horner said...

I love playing imaginary sports with unknowing real people. It serves world domination purposes for the unsuspecting nicely.

Anonymous said...

Jeff: That's what we try to do here at HBFFL. Make fantasy simple. ;)

Meg: Don't worry. It probably will happen.

Lisa: Tattle tale. You always were one. I'm telling Dad ;).

Beau: I dominated last year pretty well. This year my plans are being thwarted by a bunch of cartoon characters (Renal Failure ;) and a duck ;).

Chris C said...

Yes, but I wasn't going to start any of them which makes the loss easier to take.

I hate those losses where you can't decide between a few players and pick the wrong ones.