Friday, October 30, 2009

Week 8 Preview: Renal Failure vs. The Ramblers

This week's game... kind of a big deal.

The Great One known as Renal Failure (7-0) has had this match-up circled on his calendar for quite some time, for we have unfinished business with the Unfinished Rambler (3-4).

Last season the Ramblers ruined our playoff push with an unlikely victory over us on the back of TE Dallas Clark (the only recorded time in Fantasy Football history a loss has ever been blamed on a tight end). But now Clark is in the employ of the People's Champion, and the People demand bloody retribution.

Grass grows... birds fly... sun shines... and brother, Renal Failure wins games.

We suspect the Unfinished One has been looking forward to this game as well, hoping we'd reach Week 8 still undefeated so that he could be the one to blemish our perfect record. Rambler knows, as the great Ric Flair often said, to be The Man you've got to beat The Man. And Rambler made a trade with The Man, perhaps aware earlier than anyone that the only thing that can beat Renal Failure is Renal Failure.

The Man...

But despite their perfect record, the People's Champion finds themselves the underdog this week, especially with their top two WR's Hines Ward and Chad Ochocinco on bye weeks. Aaron Rodgers, DeSean Jackson, and Steve Slaton (acquired from Renal Failure) have been red hot lately for the Ramblers. And the Ramblers have a slight edge according to the Yahoo! projections, up 92-91 as of Thursday night's lineups.

But you're not from where Renal Failure's from. Because if you were, you'd be fucking dead.

The Wild Card (bitches!) of the HBFFL has only failed to beat their projected score once this season. And Philip Rivers, Maurice Jones-Drew, and Stephen Jackson (acquired from the Ramblers) have favorable bear-throwable match-ups against Oakland, Tennessee, and Detroit respectively. And let us not forget the legendary Tom Brady 60-point game that Renal Failure survived in Week 6.

You take the People's Champion lightly and we'll eat your sandwich. WE EAT IT UP!

We have reason to believe Defending Champion will be pulling for Renal Failure... if only to have the chance next week to be the one who ends the perfect season of the People's Champion. Do you really want to deny him of that opportunity for glory, Rambler? Do you? How callous.

---Renal Failure is stylin' and profilin' and will be riding Space Mountain all night long. Whoooo!


Unfinished Rambler said...

"But you're not from where Renal Failure's from. Because if you were, you'd be fucking dead."

Those sound like fighting words. You will be getting a response in form of a post, my ex-friend. ;) No, really, I'm bringing the post tomorrow and then the pain to you on Sunday.

renalfailure said...

In the immortal words of Patrick Swayze's character Dalton from Road House: "Pain don't hurt."

Anonymous said...

Go Ramblers! DC

renalfailure said...

Damn it DefChamp! Why can't you be supportive of the wild fabrications I come up with?