Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Dice Schmice

Nonames don't use no dice. After 3 straight wins we're pretty much running on...

That's right, remote control, bitches.

Week 8 saw my nonames go up against LOBO's Predator Press. We came away with an 87-82 victory. We pretty much led out of the gate, Thursday night and through to Sunday night. We led going into Monday night but my Arizona D was going up against LOBO's Larry Fitzgerald. Both sucked, but Arizona a little less, preserving our win.

Stand outs on the nonames squad included Tampa Bay rookie Doug Martin who racked up 39 fantasy points, the best RB score of the week.

And kicker Sebastien Janikowski booted 14 points for our nonames, the second highest K points in the league in Week 8.

Now my nonames had some challenges this week. A.J. Green was on a bye. Victor Cruz was virtually invisible with 2 points. And Mr. Rodgers limited himself to 16 points. Shit, that's not even half of Martin's 39.

So let's see. What the Canuck in Week 6. Purple Drank in Week 7. And now Predator Press in Week 8.

Week 9 sees us up against Bald Spots who stands firmly in last spot with 1-7-0.

I'm thinking a league record 4 game winning streak's in the cards.


Unfinished Person said...

I'm thinking you're right because I don't think Bryan (Bald Spots) has been around much. :(

nonamedufus said...

Unfortunate for him. Fortunate for me.

LOBO said...

Did you guys notice Chris lost to Canuck who left a 20-ish point DEF on his bench and didn't even deploy one?

-Even our absentee owners can be a threat.

nonamedufus said...

And to think I don't even have Nate Kaeding!

nonamedufus said...
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