Wednesday, October 17, 2012

We're No. 5

Well the two Canadians played each other in the HBFFL Tim Bit Bowl in week 6 and to the victor go the spoiled donuts and the coffee double-double (2 milk, 2 sugar). That would be your fearless nonames who routed What The Canuck? 145-68 - a 77 point  victory resulting in the week's biggest blowout.

Last week we thought we achieved a tie against Delusion of Adequacy but a mid-week adjustment bumped nonames to a one point loss. Let's hope there's not a 78 point adjustment this week.

Someone said recently one will never win on the backs of their QBs. Well, I hate to prove them wrong but it was a great weekend in Mr. Rodgers neighbourhood with my man racking up 50 fantasy points, more than double Yahoo's projection, as the Packers downed the Texans 42-24. Rodgers threw 6 TDs to hand Houstan their first loss of the season.

Other nonames high flyers included WR AJ Green with 32 and TE Antonio Gates with 20.

nonames' win coupled with a few losses elsewhere booted us from 9th to 5th place at 2-4-0 behind 4th place Unfinished Person at 4-2-0. I guess we've come out of the weeds.

We're up against 3rd place Purple Drank in week 7. If all goes well, he's gonna be wondering what I put in the Kool-Aid.

In the meantime, we're celebrating the outcome of the Tim Bit Bowl...

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