Saturday, October 6, 2012

Payback Time

Week Five was circled on the calendar before the ink was dry on the schedule. Purple Drank vs. Renal Failure. A re-match of last year's first round playoff game in which I was utterly defeated 135-68. A chance to avenge the three losses to him in 2011.

RF says he is in a deal sealing mood. Well so am I. And by deal sealing I mean giving him another notch in the loss column, and putting the pressure on him to once again luck out with a second half comeback.

You can only play with house money for so long. Eventually it runs out. And RF is due.

Speaking of gambling let's talk starting lineups....

I'll see his RGIII vs Atlanta and raise him Schaub vs a depleted Jets defense. I'm all in for Lynch going beast mode, and CJ2K exploiting the matchups vs the Minn defense. The weak spot of the Vikings defense is where Johnson likes to run.

I'll see his Bowe/ D Jax combo with my own of Welker and Decker or Wallace. (Still undecided on who I'm playing.)

I can double down with T Gon at TE and the fact any output from Daniels will help Schaub.

I like my odds.

That said you know what coming next...the secret weapon. Last week, Taylor from Terra Nova chipped in to give Unfinished Person their first loss of the season. This week I got another bad-ass weapon....
That's right, Honey Boo Boo. The annoyance force is strong with this one and will distract RF's fantasy team to the point it will under-produce. That can only mean one thing for Renal Failure....

Bad news!


nonamedufus said...

Where's your Messiah now? Oh, sorry, you won. I just like imitating Edward G. Robinson. You know, Bryan G Robinson's dad?

LOBO said...

I just learned who/what Honey Boo Boo is.

-Now Romney's 47% comment doesn't seem so crazy.