Thursday, November 1, 2012

The People's Week 9 - Gift Wrapping Your Victories

by 2010 HBFFL Champion Renal Failure

Every Fantasy Football owner does this hundreds of times a season...

Joe needs to send us a thank you card and a gift certificate to the Olive Garden because we served him his 81-76 victory and some endless salad this past week.  We panicked on Sunday morning about Trent Richardson's condition and, not wanting another 1-point day from our RB, we pulled him for Jonathan Stewart.  Instead T-Rich decided he could actually play through his rib injury and put up 24-points vs. Stewart's 7pts. But that wouldn't have mattered if we had gone with Tom Brady instead of RGIII at QB (36pts vs. 12pts), which we didn't because RGIII has been throwing bears into outer space regularly and Tom Brady was facing a team with a good pass defense on a neutral site field.

At least Jason Witten had a great day (21pts), however Shaun Suisham again outscored our wide receivers individually (Josh Gordon 4pts, DJax 5pts, Dwayne Bowe 6pts).  Joe escaped with quality performances from Jonathan Dwyer (15pts), Percy Harvin (15pts) and Matt Bryant (12pts) to offset the crap games from Drew Brees (16pts - projected for 30pts), Jeremy Maclin (3pts), and Frank Gore (6pts).  These are sorts of games teams need to win to make the playoffs, and again Renal Failure is just not getting it done and it's driving your People's Champion absolutely batshit mad.

Only the King of the Potato People can save our season now...

Okay, so we're not going to go 7-0 in the 2nd half of the season, but we can still try to go 6-1 with a victory over Unfinished Person, who scored a blowout victory over front-running Delusions of Inadequacy.  But UP is vulnerable this week. Rob Gronkowski and Stephen Jackson are on their bye weeks, Tony Romo's throwing so many INT's lately that Jay Cutler feels bad for him, and aside from Julio Jones no one else on his roster gives us any cause for pause.

Your People's Champ doesn't have to worry about the RGIII/Tom Brady decision this week because Brady is on a bye. Fred Jackson's back from the bye and should put up some good numbers even while sharing time with CJ Spiller, and T-Rich is good to go against a Baltimore defense that isn't so scary anymore. 

Renal Failure strategy session... Thursday night... 

Yahoo! gives Renal Failure a slight initial edge, but only because Yahoo! is way overvaluing Tony Romo and Dez Bryant in their matchup vs. undefeated Atlanta.  But even in 9th place at 3-5, Renal Failure is still only two games behind the first-place trio of Unfinished Person, Delusions of Inadequacy, and Predator Press. If Renal Failure wins six straight, that brings us to 9-5 and gives us the best chance of making the playoffs.  8-6 is a trickier proposition because unless we start throwing bears into orbit every week we're not going to win any tie-breakers.

There hasn't been a Renal Failure-less championship game in three years, and we'd hate to break the streak of last year's runner-up not winning the championship the next year, even though we did break the streak of the previous year's winner not making the playoffs the next year.  It's a wicked web of trendsetting and trend-breaking that we've created.

Renal Failure is the People's Champion and The Wild Card (bitches!) of Fantasy Football. Renal Failure is doing better in his other leagues, except the FTWL where we're 2-6. We're doing slightly better in our 12-team and 8-team leagues though, and that's some small solace to us.


LOBO said...

In the HBFFL, I think there's nine of us within two games of each other. I don't remember ever seeing that before. Admittedly I should verify that before I post this, but that would take tedious "research" and "fact-checking."

But as I recall, the HBFFL is really up for grabs.

Unfinished Person said...

Arian Foster doesn't give you pause? He should. :)

Unfinished Person said...

Or wait, not even the San Diego defense? ;)