Tuesday, October 2, 2012

TMQB: Crazy Stats and Hope Dashed

Welcome to Tuesday Morning QB (TMQB), the post that looks back each week at what could have been done differently to win the matchups in the HBFFL. What could have turned those losses into wins? I'm Chris Cameron filling in for Unfinished Person and I'm here to answer that question.

This was a crazy stats week in the NFL. How crazy? 14 QB's had 300 points or more, and 7 of them had at least 3 TD's. 9 RB's with 100+. 16 WR's with 100+. 6 WR's had yds in the 79-99 yd range along with a TD each.

With so many players blowing up there had to be fantasy hopes for victory dashed by points left on the benches. And it was that way. But first, we have to address the also-rans.

What The Canuck could have fielded their optimal lineup and still would not have beaten Renal Failure. Predator Press had the win no matter what players Bourbon Blasters offered up as starters.

Now time for the meat and potatoes...

Bald Spots goes with Smith for Moore, Turner in the flex, and SF def and they beat Delusion of Adequacy. Nonames plays James Jones instead of Doug Martin and they notch a W.

And then there is my game against UP. He started Mikel LeShoure at the flex while Dez Bryant's 17 points languished on the bench. That was good enough for the win. Hell, if he had gone with Sproles he would have tied.



Unfinished Person said...

Yes, LeShoure was my bad move of the week. Thanks for pointing it out to me.

I went to bed last night and didn't realize Bryant went off...damn.

LOBO said...

Dead on observation. I usually probe the waiver wire Tuesdays looking for prospects and possible threats.

But this week was just too tumultuous. Despite the abundance, I don't think I'm picking up anybody.

Bryan, this is the best TMQB yet. Well done! It was even on Tuesday.

LOBO said...

Chris beat me to TMQB actually. But now that I'm reread mine I realize it's 10,000 words extolling the virtues of Nate Kaeding to nonamedufus, and a short discourse on the quality of steel wool produced from actual robot sheep fleece. (The sweaters are itchy, and also an electrical hazard.)

Sans Bryan, we're probably better off with this version.


nonamedufus said...

Who do you want for the steel wool?

Chris C said...

My guess is Nate Kaeding?

nonamedufus said...

My guess is Aaron Rodgers, but it ain't gonna happen.

LOBO said...

Well, Kaeding is injured now. Probably not.

How about Tynes?