Friday, October 12, 2012

Horseshoe Up My Wazoo

4-1 with the third-lowest points for and the second-least points against? Talk about lucky...

Hell yeah I overlooked that four leaf clover. Looks like Renal Failure isn't the only one playing with house money. I'll admit it. I'm riding the luck train this season. And the old negative me would expect it to derail at some point. Eff that the new me says. Let's ride this train.

 No, that crappy video wasn't my secret weapon by the way.

This crappy video is. Well, a crappy song that is.

This thing is so awful it will be an unavoidable earworm for Bald Spots' team, to the point where they won't be able to produce enough fantasy points to beat the Purple Drank, the horseshoe team of the HBFFL.

Don't believe me? I'm already up 28 points.

Yeah that's right. I don't drive by, I'm a wise guy. I just stop by with a couple of guys. And I take your eyes.


LOBO said...

I wonder if CJ2k is showing genuine signs of life. There isn't much left of the injury-plagued Steelers.

Still, eleven points is eleven points. He almost outscored Shaun Suisham! Good on ya.

nonamedufus said...

That horseshoe must really hurt. I hope it does, anyway.

Chris C said...

I wouldn't discount Pitt yet. Playing Sunday then Thursday is tough for any team. Barely time to gameplan and practice, recover from injuries. And with Britt back it helps CJ a lot. Tenn can run a spread offense.