Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Tuesday Morning QB: Where simple math equates to a win

Basically my 105-57 win this week over Bryan's Bald Spots was simple math.

Aaron Rodgers' Exit
photo courtesy of Chad Davis on Flickr



Adrian Peterson!
photo courtesy of xoque on Flickr


Or Rodger's 29 + Foster's 35 = More than all the fantasy points put together by Bald Spots' entire roster with ADP on a bye week. When we face each other in Week 13, ADP will be back and is projected by Yahoo! to put up 27 points against Buffalo. I'm thinking the result might be the same, but with a different team owner writing this post, and I'll be the one singing this song:


renalfailure said...

Is that Captain America front and center in that Annihilation picture? He looks he's thrusting his crotch out... for America.

Unfinished Rambler said...

Could be.

I love America. Don't you, you commie bastard?!!!? ;)