Sunday, October 24, 2010

From left to right on your radio dial? Um, not for me.

Since listening to the NFL on XM/Sirius (because my wife and I have chosen not to have cable or satellite or even rabbit ears) every week, I've learned one of my pet peeves about football radio announcers is how they'll mention a player is throwing, kicking or passing "from left to right on your radio dial."

First, how do they know I'm not sitting on the other side of the stadium? Maybe it's right to left for me.

Second, the player isn't throwing, kicking or passing on the radio dial either. The player is throwing, kicking or passing on the field.

Do you have any pet peeves when it comes to radio or even TV announcers?


Jaffer said...

Hahaha ... Here in Hamilton, Ontario the Morning News Anchors on TV team up every hour with the Morning Show presentators on Radio.

On TV, they are on split screen and the conversation seems to go well.

But on Radio, it sounds chaotic. Sometimes they talk about a product (which is shown on TV) but even the radio presentators forget their medium and the listeners are left thinking "What the heck were they talking about ?"

renalfailure said...

I hate when they interview people when the game is going on. They were interview the manager of the Rangers during an at-bat and then the batter hits a home run and it's not even acknowledged until the runner is rounding 2nd base.

Oh, and everything about Joe Buck.

Anonymous said...

such a meaningless phrase. I hate it. There is no 'on the radio dial' and the direction is irrelevant. I can't see the game. Just tell me what is happening.