Friday, October 22, 2010

Week 7 Preview: Renal Failure vs. Predator Press

by Renal Failure

Artist representation of LOBO's loss to Bex last week...

It's a battle of underachieving 2-4 teams this week as Predator Press comes into the People's House to face Renal Failure at the midway point of the HBFFL regular season. But it is also the most important game of Week 7 because it will likely dictate which team will be in playoff contention in the second half the season and which team will only be a potential spoiler for the playoff contenders in the later weeks.

Obviously Predator Press will be looking to bounce back from their crushing defeat to the formerly-winless Battlin' Butterflies of Bex. LOBO comes equipped with a third of Renal Failure 2009 starting lineup, but they haven't been performing up to snuff in 2010. Maurice Jones-Drew hasn't been putting up bear-like numbers; hell, he hasn't even thrown a raccoon into orbit yet. Chad Ochocinco has seen all his catches go to T.O. this year. Only Stephen Jackson has been scoring a decent amount of points on a regular basis in the flex spot, making him the highest scoring non-QB on the PredPress roster.

SJax tiptoes silently across the field... hoping no one will notice he's the only one on the Rams' with any real talent...

The rest of LOBO's lineup has some promise. He's got Ben "No means Yes" Roethlisberger in the QB slot, but Renal Failure has his favorite target Hines Ward starting to siphon off those big points Big Ben puts up. Vernon Davis has been picking his game up recently and is certainly a more likable option than RF's erratic Jason Whitten at TE. Even Roy Williams has the hot hand lately, which is fortunate for LOBO because his depth at WR sucks. Who else would he play? Mike Sims-Walker? With the QB issues in Jacksonville? Please.

But Renal Failure has some excellent matchups this week. Brandon Lloyd is playing Oakland and that's likely to become a shoot-out at the Orbital Bear Corral. The rejuvenated Dwayne Bowe is going against a weak Jacksonville Jaguars team that got stomped by Tennessee last week. And Tom "Bear NASA" Brady is going to be throwing the ball all day against the San Diego Chargers.

Ninja Vicki and Samurai Cathy think Seattle being projected for 15 points against Arizona seems a bit on the high side. But Kansas City getting 9 on Jacksonville seems about right.

Yahoo! is projecting a 95-85 victory for your People's Champion Renal Failure, but we think Chris Johnson getting 24 against the Eagles is a rather ambitious projection. Still, Chris Johnson likes a challenge and Tennessee has shown they'll let him run all day long even when the game is pretty much over. The People like their odds to go 3-4 at the mid-season mark and return to the realm of playoff contention.

Renal Failure is not a witch. Renal Failure is you, except with bigger tits.

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