Monday, September 28, 2009

Tuesday Morning QB On Monday with apologies to Joe and Randy

In the spirit of Yom Kippur, I would like to make a couple of apologies in this week's Tuesday Morning QB, which like last week is brought to you on a Monday. This time I have ARod, SJax, DJax, RMoss, and, last but not least, DBrees, to thank for being able to post a day early, but this time with a win.

First, I apologize to Joe Ohlstein, or as he likes to call himself in our fantasy football league at least this year, Defending Champion. Last year, he hid behind the mask of Fantasy Virgin, which we thought was his wife, Leigh, but turned out actually to be him.

At least, this year he has "man"-ned up to admit to his sex change.

I am sorry (so sorry) that I didn't play David Akers at kicker and Steve Breaston at wide receiver in our fantasy football matchup this past weekend against you, Joe (or should I say, Josephine?). If I had, I would have kicked your ass by a score of 125-48 instead of the mere 115-48 that I did. Instead I used Lawrence Tynes and Chad Ochocinco and went easy on you. Consider yourself lucky.

Second, I apologize to Randy Moss for bad-mouthing you in my previous Tuesday Morning QB post. However, I'm still reserving that finger for you, Randy, if need be. So be forewarned. I'll use it if I have to do so and like this notorious photo of Johnny Cash, it won't be pretty.


Click on photo for a song that I'm sure Joe, in his confused gender identity state, will appreciate.

Next week: a post hopefully without any middle fingers after I face Humor Blog Fantasy League Football Blog founder, Chris Cameron of Angry Seafood this coming weekend.

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