Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Paying Some Bills!


This may be a humour blog deal but Canucklehead is taking this seriously.

No pictures, no videos, no music – just me talking like an internet tough guy.

Maybe it’s that I was up until midnight watching football. Maybe it’s that I woke up still reeking of rum. (Ran out of beer.) Maybe I haven’t had my coffee yet. Whatever it is – I’m just not feeling ‘funny.’


One week, one victory. This year’s champion. Book it. Done.


I was only able to squeak out a win against the dreaded Googlyeyed Goons this week but I’m well positioned to dominate. For starters, I’ve got me some Peyton Manning and I love me some Peyton. For starters, he’s not Tom Brady. It doesn’t sound like much but it’s a big deal to me.


Last year I got Brady with my first pick. I hate the guy. Too handsome and too good. Not my type at all. Still, I couldn’t just cut the guy could I? COULD I? No, sadly I couldn’t. Anyway, the choice was made for me as he was taken out about 10 minutes into the season. I could go on but yadda, yadda, yadda … I end up in the second to last place.


Not this year. Repeat. Not this year. New season, new strategy:


1)    Add Brady (and Favre) to ‘DO NOT DRAFT’ list

2)    Draft a good player and a Bill at every position

3)    ?????

4)    Profit.


Well, so far so good. Except for the profit. Oh, and figuring out what exactly I’m doing.

That will follow – so, be warned – this year I plan on popping fantasy virgin’s cherry and I’m taking you all for a little ride en route. Big words? No.




In closing, you want pictures and videos and lots of razzle dazzle? Stop by my place. Here you get straight talk and no mercy. Oh, except don’t comer by if you’re a Brady fan. Or a Favre fan. Or a fan of either of their teams. Actually, any of the teams in the Bills’ division as well. Or an Oakland fan – those folks are real douchebags. Hmph – maybe you just better not come by at all – apparently I’m not in a good mood. All that will change next Sunday as I dismantle the Ramblers. Until then, CHEERS!


LOBO said...

See, as the guy that scored 51 points on his debut, I thought “Jesus that Duckgirl can talk some smack!”

And then I realized it was actually Canucklehead.

Like Canucklehead is going to dress in drag to win the Championship. I mean what is he gonna do? Dress as a guy dressing like a girl dressing like a guy?

Pthbbt ….

Canucklehead said...

oh Lobo - you scamp you!

Stick around -- my plan is to have the posts become less coherent as I plunge into madness as the season goes on.

hmph - like I have to tell YOU and incoherence and insanity!

Anonymous said...

I'm shaaaaking.

No, really, I'm shaking my fist at you. :) Lucky for you, if I were in a bad mood, it would be my middle finger, and then you'd really know how mad I was at you...which, by the way, I'm not...yet.