Tuesday, October 14, 2008

90 points is not 120 points

Why do people not listen to Renal Failure?

Renal Failure told you that our pathetic Week 1 score were just points that hadn't been scored yet, and now we are 4th in the league in scoring. We told you those points were coming, and our Week 6 tied the mark for highest point total in a week by a team (128... and that was with Joseph Addai not scoring a single point).

Renal Failure told you that the trends favored us for a dominant win against the Googly-Eyed Goons in Week 3, and we not only won but had the largest margin of victory of any team this season. Renal Failure also told you after that game that we'd probably get beat by Leigh as a form of cosmic comedic justice and were proven right once again.

Renal Failure told you how dominant they were in last place, and we proved how dominant we were by staying there with a loss to Predator Press in Week 5.

And finally, last week Renal Failure told everyone that it takes 120+ points to beat us. But the White Strypers didn't listen, they thought 90 points would be good enough, and now they languish in the skanky 3-3 menage-a-trois in the middle of the standings instead of the more preferable 4-way 4-2 orgy at the top.

That is six straight weeks of prescient punditry. Do you know what the usual batting average of correctness is for pundits? Negative .500. That means your average talking head gets everything he says and half of what he doesn't say absolutely wrong.

Ignore Renal Failure at your peril.