Tuesday, September 30, 2008

In Last Place... but a DOMINANT Last Place

There are three teams tied for last in the Humor Bloggers Fantasy Football League, but only one is dominantly in last place, and that is Renal Failure.

Renal Failure has put up 358 points in four games, 99 more than the Googly Eyed Goons and 102 more than The Menschwarmers. With the exception of Week 1's getting-to-know-your-team game, it's clear Renal Failure knows how to put up the points.

Unfortunately for Renal Failure, Dominant Tied For Last Place Teams don't fare very well against Dominant Tied For First Place Teams, as La Machine and Fantasy Virgin (fuckin' Drew Brees) put up 123 and 121 on what would otherwise be decent performances by the Renal Roster.

Now does being a Dominant 1-3 team beat being a Submissive 2-2 team, like Predator Press? We'll find out in Week 5.

Ten games left in the regular season... ten games for Renal Failure to become a Dominant Fourth Place Team to make the Playoffs. Or a Third Place Power Bottom. Whatever gets you off. Just remember that the safe word is Plaxico.