Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Tuesday Morning Quarterback: Payback for being a douchebag


Chris Cameron won't have to "spend the remaining days of (his) life in dark solitude drinking (himself) into a Jack Daniels bottle occasionally coming out to yell at the kids hanging around on (his) lawn or look out the window every time a car drives by," as he wrote last week.

Neither will he have to worry after buying "firearms and (dying) in a shootout with the police over being harassed because (he) just wanted some food..." after years of misplaced anger.

Now I will.

All thanks to Chris beating my ass after I said I would beat his last week.

That's what I get for saying I wouldn't being being a douchebag as I promised on my blog, huh?

I even kicked another team owner (Rickey) when he was, and is, down (at 1-5 and the bottom of the pile, which see? I had to bring it up again!). How much bigger of a douchebag can I be?

As big as this guy?

Larry Johnson

Who just happens to be on my team and is facing his third assault charge against a woman?

I hope I'm not that big of a douchebag.

So anyway, what happened this week?

Not to take anything away from Chris and his fine well-oiled La Machine...

...but pilot error.

interesting pictures - plane crash

I'm not going to break down all the percentages this week: just one.

San Diego kicker Nate Kaeding was used in 87 percent of public leagues last week; Carolina kicker, 51 percent of public leagues last week. So who did I pick?

Yep, Kasay.

So instead of the 12 points with Kaeding (think Ka-ching in terms of fantasy football), I ended up with three points-- a nine-point difference. Chris defeated me 103-96. If only I had played Kaeding, I would have beaten him 105-103 even with my wide receiver Houshmandzadeh and Burress not producing.

Next week: Tune in when I'll be looking back at my game against Paula of Paula's Playground with her Googly Eyed Goons. I make no predictions. I've already been spanked by Leigh of Leigh Online and her inappropriately-named Fantasy Virgin team, because it's screwing most of its opponents to the wall. With the lowly Browns beating the Giants last night, anything is possible. I could be spanked again, but this time, who knows maybe I'll like it?