Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Tuesday Morning QB: Skin o' my teeth

In honor of this past week's matchup against Paula's Googly Eyed Goons, I dedicate this song "Skin O' My Teeth" by Megadeth:

because that's what I escaped by (the lyrics to the song have nothing to do with escaping in a football game, but hey, the title was appropriate).

How it happened

After Sunday's games, I was up 102-87 and thought I had my matchup well in hand when along came Randy Moss to try to mess with my win. Luckily, he didn't, and I still won 102-99. However, it wasn't the margin of victory for which I was hoping, especially against a girl.

The man who messed it up on my team was Jerricho Cotchery, who played in 81 percent of public leagues was expected to have more points than he did, which was zero.

Instead, even lowly T.J. Houshmanzadeh had a measly five points to Cotchery's zero.

My only other "mistake" was playing Mewelde Moore, who was played in only 29 percent of public leagues. Even though he scored 14 points, I could have played Sammy Morris, who was played in only 24 percent of public leagues, but who yielded 24 points.

I still have to give other props to Paula percentage-wise, for playing Minnesota's Visanthe Shianco at tight end. He was put into the lineup in only 16 percent of public leagues yet had 12 points. But of course, her big players were Moss and Detroit's Calvin Johnson with 28 points.

Breaking down...

Other big games last week:
  • The White Strypers, coached by Matt (the artist formerly known as The Hypocritical One) from That Tears It..., tore Lobo of Predator Press a new one led by Steven Jackon's whopping 40 points and could have ripped him an even bigger hole (uh, sorry, Lobo, but he could have) by playing Lendale White. White was played in only 40 percent of public leagues, but had 37 points. Instead, Matt chose the safe bet with Ryan Grant, played in 64 percent of public leagues, who had 22 points. The score could have been 146-81, instead of 131-81. Just think about that, Lobo. I bet that will keep you up at night. ;) <--- notice, emoticon so when we face up in Week 9 you won't seek retaliation-- well, at least not as much retaliation.
  • For that matter, in his matchup against AoE's Washington Crooks, Chris Cameron could have put in Clinton Portis, played in 96 percent of public leagues, for 28 points and had 16 more points, but instead he put in Earnest Graham, played in a mere 68 percent of public leagues, who had a respectable 12. The final score looked a little better at 87-45, instead of the 103-45 that it could have been. Yeah, think about that, AoE. Think about that. I bet that will keep you up at night. (No emoticon because sometimes I can get carried away with the emoticons and opted for only one this post.)
Next week: The Ramblers take on Renal Failure. Personally I don't think it's fair, though. He has a host of extra players on his bench (32 if I counted correctly). If you're not scared, read here about them when RF proposed sending one of his crack squad to be a bodyguard for Lord Likely. He just couldn't decide which one. Each one of them is that lethal.


Chris C said...

I feel it's always good to let the bench guys get some time in the starting lineup.

unfinishedrambling said...

You're such a good sensitive coach, Chris. A rare find in this day and age. :) (I didn't go over my quota of emoticons yet in the comments, although that might be it, so if RF replies here, I might be out of them for him...just sayin'.)

renalfailure said...

Steve Slaton ain't got shit on Ninja Vicki.

And this week I've got my actual lineup back... although my bench ended up putting up more points than my starters.

unfinishedrambling said...

See, everyone, I told you RF was going to pull one of his/her characters to play off the bench? See? I knew it. No fair.

I'm being repressed.

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