Wednesday, September 17, 2008

The Trends Favor Renal Failure

So you're looking at Renal Failure, sitting at 0-2 in the standings, and you might think things are going wrong for them. But that's where you're wrong, for the trends are in favor of the Failure.

Trend 1: Last year the New York Giants started the season 0-2 and won the Super Bowl. Renal Failure is 0-2. This means Renal Failure is in prime position to become league champion.

Trend 2: Renal Failure scored 50 points in Week 1, and 112 points in Week 2. That's an improvement of over 100 percent. At this rate, Renal Failure is projected to put up at least 224 points in their Week 3 match against the Googly Eyed Goons, who haven't broken the 80 point mark this season.

Trend 3: Renal Failure's power ranking went from 10th to 9th in the course of a week. At this rate, Renal Failure will be ranked Number One in Power by Week 10. After that, Renal Failure will become so powerful that they will only be able to adequately ranked by Greek letters or precious metals.

You can try to buck the trends, but the trends have the advantage, and now so does Renal Failure.



Chris C said...

You aren't losing, you just haven't won yet. That is another trend on your side.

unfinishedrambling said...

It's early in the season. Anything can happen from injuries to picking up that key free agent that might turn the whole thing around or a trade or...

...of course, I just hope I don't jinx myself by writing here. ;)

Chris C said...

To be serious for a moment unfinished is right. I don't know how many times I have started off badly and bounced back to make the playoffs. But you need some kind of deal that helps you. For me last season it was trading an extra WR for E. Graham. No matter what, team management is huge for you as you can't control scoring.

I know it's an old cliche but it is true: it isn't how you start it is how you finish.

renalfailure said...

Oh, I gots some moves. Some sexy night moves.

And those moves will work out just as long as DeSean Jackson remembers that the one yard line is not the end zone.

Chris C said...

That's why rookie wideouts are the most risky of fantasy players. :)

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