Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Week 5: I Blame Chris

LOBO -Predator Press

Yes "Chris" -if in fact that is your real name- your cavalier Commissionations costed me Week 5.

Were I not hampered by your oppressive adjudicationing, I could have won last week.  But nay!  You have micromanagicked this league to the point that this entire season is questionable now, and I declare it utterly bereft of sportsmanshipitude. 

If not for your tyrannicalized reign of unjust "rules" and whatever, I would have deployed the following lineup:

QB - Phi DEF, 24 points
WR  - GB DEF, 21 points
WR - Car DEF, 19 points
RB - Stephen Gostkowski NE K, 19 points 
RB - Phil Dawson SF K, 18 points
TE - SD DEF, 16 points
W/R - NE DEF, 15 points
DEF - whoever was playing Tony Romo (points probably still being calculatronned)

That is like 500 points.  Chris, the evidence of your meddlutions in my season is clear to us all.  I will file numerous "Torts" and "Motions" to declare this entire season corruptified, and unfit for human consumption.

I will have my comeupperations!

And PS:


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