Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Tie Die

Another week and your faithful nonames escape another win. But we didn't lose. What does that leave?

Right. A tie.

We were up against Delusion of Adequacy who went into the week at 3-1-0. Your trusty nonames were holding steady at 1-3-0...or else I was dyslexic. Yeah, dream on.

Prior to Sunday night's game I was cruising nicely into winning territory, 34 points ahead of DOA. I was even toying with my competition's acronym calling him Dead On Arrival in my head. So I skipped Sunday night's game and watched the Amazing Race. I learned Monday morning that thanks to San Diego's Malcom Ford and Ryan Mathews DOA had caught up to me. Even steven as they say at 96-96.

DOA's Chicago defence picked up 21 frakin' points last week against my Philadelphia D who picked up squat. My man Rodgers raked in a respectable 27 points and NYG WR Victor Cruz (not the gay guy, the other one - not that there's anything wrong with that) pulled in a decent 23 points.

I'm telling you, this waiting in the weeds business in 9th spot is starting to get to me. This week we go up against fellow Canadian What The Canuck? at 2-3-0. The winner gets a dozen maple Tim Bits and a poutine. I'm stoked.


Unfinished Person said...

I haven't heard of Tim Bits. Are they any good? And why didn't I get any when I beat you earlier this year? :)

LOBO said...

I just claimed Tim Bits off of waivers.

-He's no Nate Kaeding.

nonamedufus said...

@UP Tim Bits are the centre of the donuts from Tim Hortons. We didn't play for them because you'e not Canadian.

I didn't hear you offer to play for your precious wings.

nonamedufus said...

@LOBO - I'll consider trading you Pierre Poutine for Tim Bits.

Chris C said...

Munchkins is a better name. Just sayin'

nonamedufus said...

@Chris: I like it.

LOBO said...

You complained, the Universe answered.

-A stat correction has eliminated the tie.

nonamedufus said...

@LOBO The Universe sucks.