Sunday, October 28, 2012

Thin Ice

-LOBO, Predator Press

Well crap.  With this week's matchup -Preds v nonames- already under way, I've got a sinking feeling that my Sunday is going to be disappointing.  In fact you can say I've been in a fantasy sulk since Friday morning; with only Doug Martin at play, I didn't even watch Thursday's game.

As a consequence, Doug Martin -apparently offended my my general apathy- met his projected seven points.  And then proceeded to add thirty two more.  That's an Aaron Rodgers-esque score.

Oh and speaking of Aaron Rodgers, I'm up against him this week too.  Tack on Victor Cruz for good measure.  While I'm convinced the Preds will meet or exceed our projections, the three afore mentioned players alone could, in theory, produce over ... like, um ... one million points.

But are the mighty Preds scared?

Fuck yes we are.

Please, please, please don't hurt us John!  We don't want to be cast down into the abyss of mediocrity!  Have you seen the rest of our schedule?  We like it up here in dizzying, nosebleed second place, throwing litter down on eight other teams while trying to stick a shiv in first place Delusion of Adequacy's ankles.

And don't we all hate Delusion of Adequacy's ankles?



nonamedufus said...

I'll try to be gentle.

Unfinished Person said...

Hope you didn't get used to second place, pal. ;)

LOBO said...

Haha. Laugh away, Mister Firsty Pants. I just looked at your schedule. It turns out 3/4ths of it is genuine threat.

-"You're gonna need a bigger boat." lol