Tuesday, October 15, 2013

There's a New Bald Spots in Town

Boy that was a rough week for the nonames. If we continue like this much longer I'll be bald before the end of the season.

My man Rodgers, and his largely on the ground game against Baltimore, came through with 26 fantasy points and RB Reggie Bush pulled in 18 points. But the rest of my guys phoned in their performances including WR Victor Cruz with 6 points, WR Dez Bryant with all of 3 points and K Steve Janikowski with 1.

Byes and injuries did us in, in our 97-63 loss to Predator Press, with TE Tony Gonzalez and K Matt Bryant among those on the nonames bench this week.

As a result the nonames slipped to 5th place and Predator Press vaulted into the number 2 spot. Way to go LOBO.  QB Jay Cutler's 23 points and fellow Bears WR Brandon Marshall's 20, not to mention WR Justin Blackman's 24 points helped you really put our match out of my reach.

And how did it make me feel?

This week nonames goes up against Delusions of Adequacy. Let's hope they live up to their name.

5th place? Frak!


Michael Wolfe said...
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Michael Wolfe said...

Next week the Preds (#2) meet the Ex Cons (a number only slightly higher than #2). And frankly half of the League is in 3rd place.

Will Troi coast to another victory? Or will he crack under the pressure? Or will I cry out his college chat handle like William Shatspeare did with Ricardo Monte Blah Blah in that movie with all the spaceships?

(You know the one.)

nonamedufus said...

You and Troi are 5-1. Renal Failure, who we've yet to hear from this year, is 3rd with 4-2. Then Bourbon Blasters, me and Delusions of Adequacy are 3-3. So this'll be an interesting week.

Oh, and that movie? The Wrath of I Khan't Take it Anymore?