Tuesday, October 29, 2013

RF Takes Nonames For A Ride

The nonames went up against Renal Failure in Week 8 and lost a squeaker by 10 points. In a roller coaster series of games, RF got an early lead Thursday night with 30 points turned in by QB Cam Newton. But after the early games Sunday nonames pulled ahead by about 30 points. After the late afternoon games nonames was still leading by 4 points. It was the Sunday night game that did the nonames in.

The nonames had one player left - my man Aaron Rodgers. But RF went up against us with Jordy Nelson and the Green Bay defence. The end result was  RF 117 and nonames 107. Crap.

Yahoo says the nonames could have beaten all the other teams in Week 8. All the other teams but Renal Failure. Thanks Yahoo.

Victor Cruz: Fantasy Failure

Victor Cruz, with a measly 8 points has now underachieved for the nonames in four straight games. What nonames should have done was bench Cruz and activate Golden Tate who garnered 23 points. It would have made the difference between winning and losing. Ah, isn't hindsight wonderful?

But even with the loss the nonames jumped one spot from 7th to 6th place and heading into Week 9 we're contemplating a victory against 7th place Bald Spots.

No offence there B.S. but I hope we don't go through this again...

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