Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Nonames Are Breaking Bad

My man Rodgers had a bye week but it didn't seem to matter. The Nonames were on the positive side of the biggest blow out this week against Kerridan's Not So Okay Team to the tune of 139-95, with Eli Manning behind Centre. This guy is breaking bad with the highest number of interceptions in the league this year. I had to pull him off the bench to replace my man Rodgers (did I mention he was my man?) I think he must be on meth.

That's the last time I use Walter White as my personal trainer.

Despite Manning's dismal loss and measly 13 fan points Nonames pulled things out thanks to amazing performances from TE Tony Gonzalez (31pts), WR Victor Cruz (29pts), W/R Reggie Bush (27pts) and  WR Dez Bryant (20pts).

Yahoo had positioned Nonames as the underdog in last week's match up with Kerridan's Okay Team. Shows you what they know. So we remain in 3rd spot and this week take on Troi's 2nd place Future Ex-Cons.

This could get interesting. I like Troi and it'd be a shame to beat him. But, hey, all's fair in love and fantasy football.

So until Thursday, I'll be over in the corner doing my happy dance with Carlton...

And if you want a somewhat different look from the view of all the QBs last week click on this link. After having read it you may want to bookmark it or like it on your Facebook page. It's always hilarious.

This week they're giving Eli an intervenception.


Michael Wolfe said...

Man I got Eli in the other league. My kicker nearly outscored him.

-And my defense actually did.

Can the Giants stop the bleeding? I've heard talking heads describe the Giants as one of the worst teams ever witnessed. Hyperbole or no, a Manning may soon be cast to waivers in these strange days.

But I can't believe the NYG will let this continue.

nonamedufus said...

It really is quite sad, isn't it. Payton on the other hand...