Wednesday, November 21, 2012

What Bryan Said

Except Bryan didn't say anything this week. Maybe Unfinished Person is just being modest. And probably proud of it. Or maybe he feels he did enough talking on the field last week and needn't rub it in here on the blog.

You see Unfinished Person crushed your no-way we could win nonames last week in what must have been the biggest blow out of the season 141-75. UP remains in 1st spot. Our nonames slip to 6th.

It all started out well enough. At the end of the first series of games Sunday we were tied 47-47. But not for long. NE TE Gronkowski racked up 30 fantasy points. Dal WR Dez Bryant pulled in 25 and his NE Def achieved 27.

The highest scorer for nonames was TB RB Doug Martin with 19. GB QB Mr Rodgers, with a projected 35 could only muster 17 points. It was not a good week.

Hats off to you UP. In the meantime, as for me...


Unfinished Person said...

No, no, it wasn't you. It was ME.

Actually I didn't have anything to write about because everyone played their cards (players) right. There were no glaring errors. Yes, some players went off, but not as expected and so I couldn't fault any owners/managers for picking the players they did. I couldn't even pick on you (GASP).

As for Gronkowski, he is done for the season (fantasy football anyway) with that broken forearm. Now to find someone off the waiver wire...and no one nearly as good. So I'll be singing the same song with you soon.

nonamedufus said...

It's too bad Gronk didn't break that forearm the week before I played you.