Friday, November 9, 2012

The People's Week 10: Bleakness

by 2010 champion, 2009 and 2011 runner-up, and completely fucked this season Renal Failure

The liquor is calling the shots now, because the liquor's doing better than us in the decision-making department this season...

We made some tactical errors in our estimations of our chances of winning last week against Unfinished Person, primarily that we forgot he had Arian Foster on his team.  But hey, wouldn't you want to forget your opponent's got a top 5 running back going against you?

What killed us in our 111-82 loss?  Well, the San Diego Defense going off for 21 points vs. Kansas City did some major damage.  So did RGIII's pitiful 15 point performance against Carolina (projected for 27 - Dick Morris on FOXNews told us he could have gotten 40. Jim Cramer on CNBC said 60, but Cramer does coke and you don't listen to what cokeheads tell you).  Fred Jackson's irrelevant 3-point day didn't help.  Only DeSean Jackson's big 23 points on Monday night made this look halfway respectable for the People's Champ.

Nothing is making sense this season for us in the HBFFL...

So... 3-6 with 5 game to go.  We need to win the rest of our games to get to 8-6 and have the slightest of chances to make the playoffs, and we have to start this very difficult run against 5-4 Delusions of Adequacy who housed us 102-55 in the season opener way back in Week One. 

Delusion's got a strong ground game with Ray Rice and Ryan Mathews, but he's vulnerable at QB with turnover machine Michael Vick and at WR with the oft-injured Hakeem Nicks.  Still, Roddy White could pick up some of that slack.

Trent Richardson's on his bye week, so The People's most-reliable RB this season is out, forcing us to put our faith in the law firm of BenJarvus Green-Ellis (because we're not making the Jonathan Stewart mistake twice).  RGIII is on a bye too, so we've got Tom Brady slinging the rock for us in a very favorable matchup vs. Buffalo. We're hoping C.J. Spiller can get some good work vs. the Pats while Dwayne Bowe does what Dwayne Bowe does semi-well: get garbage time points. 

Everyone spends time in the drunk tank, or the bottom of the standings...

Pretty much any defeat eliminates us from the playoffs, something that hasn't happened since the inaugural HBFFL season (and the first time we ever played fantasy football) where we missed the playoffs by one game. And what would the HBFFL be without Renal Failure in the playoffs?  What kind of world would that be?  Why would you bother The People with such a scenario.

And why has no one offered anything for one of our quarterbacks?  We got two bear-throwers on the Renal roster as we go into the stretch run of the season and no one has so much as cast out a feeler for either Brady or RGIII.  What is going on here?  

Yahoo! likes Delusion in this game.  Fuck.  Well, at least we've got winning records in our 8-team and 12-team leagues.  Something about 10-team leagues are bad luck to your People's Champ this season...

Renal Failure is the People's Champion and Wild Card of Fantasy Football. Renal Failure was late typing this post because of that thing where you put the clocks back an hour - except we fell back an entire day. It's been that kind of a 2012 for us.

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Chris C said...

There is no trade value in the QB position these days.