Thursday, November 22, 2012

The People's Week 12: A Losing Season

by Renal Failure

"We'd win if we could, but we just can't score any points... bitch!"

Zero points from DJax and Dwayne Bowe... that's what brought down your People's Champ this week in our 81-72 loss to Troi's Future Ex-Cons.  Double goose-eggs from our wide receivers.  Dwayne Bowe had the decency to leave his game injured with no stats, DJax played the whole game and got nothing from Nick Foles - who Philly fans have been begging to see in action all season and now discover that he's only a slightly better quarterback than the dogs that had been killed at Michael Vick's house.  But at least the dogs have the excuse of not having opposable thumbs or any knowledge of the West Coast Offense for being useless.

And now suddenly my hypenated bench RB's BenJarvis Green-Ellis and LaRod Stephens-Howling decide they're actually going to play football well now, because the Law Firm put up 21 vs. the Chiefs and Stephens-Howling logged 23 on Atlanta.  Thank you so much for doing this right after the trade deadline passes so your sudden valuable-ness means absolute dick to your People's Champion.

We are little wired from losing all season...

So yeah, trade deadline's gone, and no one made a deal with us for our deep QB corps of Tom Brady and RGIII.  Our trips into the free-agent market have yielded little fruit.  Aside from the QB's and Trent Richardson, our draft didn't turn out so well.  Everything that was the hallmark of previously successful Renal Failure teams did not happen this season, and so we sit in last place of the HBFFL at 3-8, tied for last in points scored with LOBO's Predator Press (and he's 5-6 and still in the running for a playoff spot).

Who else is at 5-6? Our opponents in Week 12: Nonames. He has Aaron Rodgers doing the Discount Double Check vs. the Giants.  He actually has wide receivers on his team, and good ones like A.J. Green and Victor Cruz.  Doug Martin is rolling up big points for the Bucs. And Antonio Gates is still Antonio Gates.

The results are back, we're definitely not winning this week...

 Yahoo!'s projecting a NoNames blowout, and there's little reason to doubt it. The Renal Roster has underperformed pretty much all season. The projection on NoNames' crew seems pretty reasonable. Maybe RGIII throws a mega-bear into space, that's pretty much our only hope here.

But at least we're 7-4 in our 12-man league in 6-4 in our 8-man league.  Always remember, you can't lose in every league.  Well, you can, but it's really hard.

Renal Failure is one of the original members of the HBFFL and has a blog with 1,780 posts in it. Along with losing a lot in Fantasy Football, there's no hockey to watch and the Eagles suck, so this winter is going to be especially cold for the People's Champion of Fantasy Football.

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