Wednesday, November 28, 2012


A nonames projected blowout against Renal Failure was just not meant to be. RF downed us 108-84. How could the last place guy come away with such a win? Well you might remember RF blogged last week that...

"Yahoo!'s projecting a NoNames blowout, and there's little reason to doubt it. The Renal Roster has underperformed pretty much all season. The projection on NoNames' crew seems pretty reasonable. Maybe RGIII throws a mega-bear into space, that's pretty much our only hope here."

Well, guess what? RGIII threw that mega-bear to the tune of 40 fantasy points. Couple that with some underachieving nonames team members and it looks like our playoff hopes are pretty much dashed. Currently in 7th spot we'll never make the top 4 with only two regular season match ups to go.

This week we go up against 6th place Future Ex-Cons. Next week it's Delusion of Adequacy in 2nd spot. Yahoo projects nonames winning both contests but after this week we know how much stock we can put in Yahoo projections.

I think I can hear the fat lady singing.

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