Wednesday, November 7, 2012

On The Move

I called it. And Week 9 gave your nimble nonames their 4th victory in a row. Sure it was against Basement Dweller Bald Spots but to his credit, Bryan gave me a bit of a scare as Andrew Luck chalked up 34 fantasy points for him. My Mister Rodgers claimed 29. Why is it Aaron is so good in reality but sucks in fantasy?

Reality sucks.

No worry, that righteous bulldozer running back Doug Martin (I'm gonna call him R2 B2) had an amazing week racking up 62 fantasy points and contributing nicely to our second highest point total of the season, giving us a 143-112 win.

R2 B2

Our nonames got off to a shaky start this season and I joked that I was hiding in the weeds waiting for the right moment. With the largest victory margin the third time this year, that moment would appear to be now.

Heading into Week 10 nonames climbs into 3rd place with a 5-4-0 record. We're up against 8th place Bourbon Blasters with a 4-5-0.

Anything could happen. I'm hoping it'll be 5 wins in a row.

Oh, by the way, my luck seems to be rubbing off on godufus over in the FTWL. After spending some time in last place, as recently as week 7, after 3 wins in a row over there we've moved into 4th place after a 109-81 win over Team TBA. Not bad, not bad.

Boy those horse shoes up the rectum kinda hurt. But it's a nice hurt, ya know?

Guess you can just call me an excitable boy...

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