Thursday, September 6, 2012

Expectations for HBFFL 2012

Here we are, 2012. The fifth season of the HBFFL. Apparently the proper gift for a five year anniversary is wood. Really? Lame. Gift cards to Applebee's would seem more in order. Anyways...

So what can we expect from some of the owners of the league in 2012?

~Renal Failure will regal us with many 1v1 fighting videogame finishing move videos.

~Unfinished Person will use technology from a by-gone era to "watch" football games.

~What the Canuck will be using his Twittens to make lineup changes on his cell phone because in Canada it gets really cold by week two of the NFL season.

~NoNames also lives in Canada, but will have his access to Twittens restricted after beating up on What The Canuck in Week Six.

~Predator Press will set his lineup, re-set, re-set again, and then re-set again his lineup based on fantasy projections, as they change day by day.

~Bourbon Blasters will go rogue, return to cross dressing, and let his wife take over the team.

So there you have it.


unfinished person said...

What can we expect from you? :)

nonamedufus said...

He'll be too busy at Applebee's.