Friday, September 14, 2012

The Sum of Its Parts

Predator Press


Every year, right around the draft, I offer the same pointers that explicitly contrast everyone else offering fantasy football tips. They are rejected as laughable and that's okay -but it bears mention I've made the Finals over several consecutive years.

It's free advice, and worth every penny.

I keep two tight ends, two kickers, and two defenses on my roster as deep into the season as I can. Further, I aggressively upgrade them as able. My theory is that these three positions, optimized and combined, are the equivalent of one superstar. In a mediocre matchup, these positions can haul in 20 points. How did Arian Foster fare this week?

Now that said, this is likely the last year this advice will be useful; next year we are likely adding an additional flex position. Having joined a random league this year (to explore and compare features*), I've accidentally observed this mitigates my strategy entirely; the team size limitations and volatility of running back and wide receiver performance override "nursing" positions. It's an entirely different experience. In contrast to our current format, it will seem like you are playing virtually your entire roster every week.

I think I was "condition-specifically" right, and weirdly everyone else was right too.

* While has some nifty bells and whistles, I'm not seeing any perks that warrant migrating leagues except that the overall experience seems somehow more "official." I suppose if Chris had interest, I would migrate both leagues ... but I don't see an upside worth the hassle at this time.


nonamedufus said...

Well that's how I roll too. It's good to have those guys in reserve come bye weeks.

LOBO said...

It's not that passive a role for me. I regard my TE, K, and DEF a "starter."

Kickers and Defenses, I should point out, can be decently evaluated by their accrued Fantasy Points unlike the other positions. Kickers for teams with offensive lines that stall are worth more. "Sharp" Defenses get more cleanup values.

I've had major bye week issues and pulled through ... I don't think I've taken them into consideration while drafting since 2009.

LOBO said...

Need more proof?

My TE, K and DEF are responsible for 75% of my 19 points this week ... :)

Unfinished Person said...

Pshaw. How many championships have you won? ;)

unfinishedperson said...

Oh, wait, you did win one, didn't you? :P Oops.

LOBO said...

lol ... But I'll be the first to admit that was fluky as all heck. 2011 was a very strange season.

unfinishedperson said...

And it obviously was sooooo memorable.