Tuesday, January 12, 2010

The Most Awesome 2-2 Ever

The People's Champion explains how they pick their playoff winners, and how they ran their fantasy football team too...

If there anyone out there who doubts that Renal Failure is the Wild Card (bitches!), this Wild Card Weekend should thoroughly convince you otherwise.

Like everyone else participating in the HBFFL Playoff Picks Extravaganza we went 2-2 with our selections this week, but those two wins were the most impressive wins of the week as we were the only ones who picked the Jets and Ravens to win. Chris, Rambler, and even Joe the former Defending Champion who's playing along in the comments... they didn't believe in them but the People's Champion did and we were rewarded for our faith.

Yes, we also picked the Eagles to win, but that selection was more out of principle and spite than of football acumen. We're like the villain in a movie who's hanging by one hand off the side of a building and the hero extends their hand to save us but instead we just smile and let go and plummet to our deaths. That's our policy toward the Cowboys.

Never compromise... even in the face of Armageddon or Jerry Jones.

We're not the King of Fantasy Football or even Leigh's Husband, but once you realize everything is chaos, being the Wild Card is the only thing that makes sense.

Divisional playoff picks coming Thursday. Stay thirsty my friends.

---Renal Failure once had an awkward moment just to see what it felt like... and never stopped.


LOBO said...

Man ... I'm bummed. I thought this playoff challenge didn't start until this week. I missed the start. Ratz! Oddly, I did sign up for it ... too bad they didn't send me a reminder email or something; I didn’t really have a ‘horse in the race’ last weekend football-wise and my attention lapsed. Plus I'm a little fuzzy on how those wildcard matches relate to regular and post season. Ultimately, me sitting one out is probably a good thing however -my wife is sick to death of football, and would kill me for joining more leagues ... :)

Nonetheless, helpless against my jones for a fantasy football fix, I am officially in on the CBS one as of yesterday –and none too soon: this weekend’s matchups are AWESOME. I'm not entirely sure how the CBS system works, so I said screw it and took a lot of risks with my pics (yes … I actually drafted this time) -I figure this will be more of a ‘training wheels’ experience for a more serious crack at next year.

But Stattracker has me spoiled rotten: I love those live scoring updates. Does CBS have a Stattracker-like feature where we can follow the games and chat too? Or do we know yet?

PS: I still want to post to congratulate Chris/RF and thank everyone for the kickass fun 'regular' HBFFL season … I’ve just been really strapped for time. More soon!

Unfinished Rambler said...

Mr. Lobo: Gametracker is still available on Yahoo...

...and the all important chat room. :)

LOBO said...

But will CBS have a Stattracker variant of its own?

LOBO said...

Under further scrutiny, it would appear CBS already started too. WTF? I signed up for them ...

Ah screw it. See you guys on the HBFFL gridiron next year!