Thursday, January 21, 2010

2010 NFL Playoff Projections: AFC/NFC Championship Round

Welcome everyone to another week of HBFFL's exclusive 2010 NFL Playoff Predictions. Last week in the divisional round the prediction records got a lot closer:

Chris Cameron- 4-4
Renal Failure- 3-5
Ramblers- 4-4

This week we are down to four teams in the AFC and NFC Championships, both in domes. It doesn’t seem the same.

New York Jets vs. Indianapolis Colts

Renal Failure: The Wild Card was let down last week by Nate Kaeding and Billy Cundiff. Let's see if we can rebound from our horrid 1-3 performance...

This is the closest you'll ever get to a Super Bowl III rematch, considering modern conference alignments. But Matt Sanchez is no Broadway Joe Namath. He's not even Ken O'Brien or Vinny Testaverde.

Too bad, because Peyton Manning is Peyton Manning and the Colts didn't suffer any ill effects from their end-of-season layoff vs. the Ravens who have a better quarterback and running back tandem than the Jets. Shame, really, because we'd really like to see the Jets win. Rex Ryan is a madman like his dad Buddy Ryan and the Wild Card digs that, but the Colts won't hand you the game like the Chargers did.

Colts win 30-17.

Rambler: Last week I picked the Ravens over the Colts, based on one name: Billy Cundiff, and the Jets for one name: Darrelle Revis.

This week, I pick the Colts for one name: David Letterman, who was born in Indianapolis, and because I think he is funnier than both Leno and O'Brien, on a good night. On a bad night, I long for the days of The Steve Allen Show.

Chris: All week long all we have heard is how awesome the Jets are. Blah blah blah. The Bengals and Chargers didn’t execute and to their credit the Jets did.

Now they face the man who gives people obvious-shaped Christmas gifts, Peyton Manning. Strangely enough he gives nothing away when it comes to his playcalling.

And Revis can’t cover everybody although it seemed like it last week. The Jets defense won’t have the luxury of Rivers’ bad throws while facing the same amount of offensive weapons.

Colts beat the Jets 32-21 and Joe Namath starts drinking again.

Minnesota Vikings vs. New Orleans Saints

Renal Failure: Both teams are coming off games where they stomped their opponents in the nuts, and though we are thankful Brett Favre embarrassed the Dallas Cowboys we don't want to see him in the Super Bowl. Drew Brees launches bears into space. That's what he does. That's all he does.

Saints win 45-35.

Rambler: Last week I picked the Cardinals over the Saints based on a.) my hatred of the Saints all season, despite their having a Christian name and my being Catholic, b.) Kurt Warner being a Christian, and c.) New Orleans being a hotbed of sin and where Santeria, a perversion of Catholicism, is prevalant.

This week I pick the Saints over the Vikings based on a.) their having a Christian name and my being Catholic, despite my hatred of them all season and Drew Brees being named Bacchus XLII for the 2010 Krewe of Bacchus New Orleans Mardi Gras Parade , b.) the Vikings were heathen, as mentioned here, and c.) Minneapolis is a hotbed of sin and where Santeria, a perversion of Catholicism, is prevalent.


After seeing Favre do the “Pants on the Ground” song there is no way I can pick the Vikings. I know, the “Who Dat” thing is pretty gay too but it is not burned into the recesses of my brain like an earworm.

It should be high scoring and Minnesota will continue to set up play action with All Day and Taylor. For New Orleans the question will be which Reggie Bush shows up. If the one from last week starts expect some running fireworks. And some bears in space too.

New Orleans earns their first trip to the Superbowl 42-35.
The 2010 Playoff Projections are written by blog contributors Rambler, Renal Failure, and myself, Chris Cameron.


Unfinished Rambler said...

RF: I agree that I'd like to see the Jets win too, but I don't see it happening.

Chris: I am NOT clicking on that video. I hate that song already and even 19 seconds of it is waaaay too much.

I also want to apologize to the two of you and the world for not predicting scores. When I wrote this last night, I guess I wasn't thinking. As I'm still not thinking this morning, I still have no predictions on the scores, other than that in both cases, I expect some "bear throwing into style" RF-style by both Brees and Manning.

Chris C said...

No worries. Predicting a score has no outcome on the prediction records.

That said going into the Super Bowl week myself and Rambler will be tied for first in predictions with RF one behind no matter what happens Sunday (because we all picked the same two teams).

We might need a tiebreaker to determine the results of our contest. I suggest giving a total points scored number along with the SB winner projection.

Jeff said...

I don't want to say the Vikes are going to win tomorrow (because I'm superstitious that way), but let's just say I'll stop back tomorrow to collect my "Jeff was right and I was wrong" payback.

NFL Draft said...

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