Thursday, January 7, 2010

2010 NFL Playoff Projections: Wild Card

The 2010 NFL Playoffs have arrived and the contributors of HBFFL offer their unique insight into the postseason matchups. This week is the Wild Card Round and here's Rambler with the intro...

"Déjà vu is usually a glitch in The Matrix. It happens when they change something."
The "They" in this case are the NFL officials as three of the four matchups this weekend seem eerily familiar.

Both of the wild card matchups in the NFC are the same as last week, with the Eagles facing the Cowboys again Saturday night in Arlington and the Packers facing the Cardinals again Sunday afternoon in Glendale.

The AFC matchup that also is the same is the Jets versus the Bengals, but this time in Cincinnati. Meanwhile, the Ravens travel to Foxborough to face the Patriots.

In the words of Morpheus: "Here we go..."

Renal Failure: Wild Card weekend predictions from the Wild Card (bitches!)...

New England vs. Baltimore: There are two important factors to this game: The Patriots are without Wes Welker, and the Ravens have kicker Billy Cundiff. Ravens win 20-17.

Cincinnati vs. New York Jets: We're going with the underdog again, because that's how the People's Champion rolls. And because Daryl Revis is a monster at cornerback. Jets win 17-10.

Dallas vs. Philadelphia: As an Eagles fan I cannot in any way, despite all evidence pointing to the contrary. choose the Cowboys to win. Unless I have money riding on the game, which I don't. Eagles win 34-31.

Green Bay vs. Arizona: The People's Champion loves underdogs... except in this game because when it comes to putting bears into space ARodge is like Cape Canaveral. Packers win 31-21.


Rambler: Two of the three matchups, I believe, will have different outcomes, but one will remain the same.

On what do I base this? I wish I could say that like Mike McD of The Bleacher Report, I used the formula of which team has the best cheerleaders. However, since he already did that, I'm going to go with mascots.

Patriots vs. Ravens: Much like Rowdy pulling out his pistols on Swoop, Pat the Patriot will pull out his musket (no, not like that, although he allegedly did that not too long ago) and shoot down Poe.

Yes, Wes Welker is out, but don't count out my man, Randy Moss, and the Pats at home in January, killer. Patriots 27, Ravens 20

Bengals vs. Jets: Who Dey mauls Fireman Ed. He might look like a Tony the Tiger, with his team playing like one last week against the Jets, but this week I think he pulls out his claws with Cedric Benson and Chad Ochocinco and tears the Fireman a new one. Bengals 34, Jets 17.

Cowboys vs. Eagles: This is the matchup that I believe the outcome will remain the same, with Rowdy pulling out his pistols and shooting down Swoop again.

This time, though, I think DeSean Jackson finds paydirt and David Akers is good for a field goal, but it's still not enough as the Eagles lose. Cowboys 27, Eagles 17.

Cardinals vs. Packers: Big Red beats no mascot or even former mascot, Packy Pack Packer for possibly the gayest name ever for a mascot. Kurt Warner will connect with Larry Fitzgerald and maybe Steve Breaston with Anquan Boldin possibly injured, and Beanie Wells will break out for at least one score.

As much as I like Aaron Rodgers (he was my QB this year), I don't think he's ready to take it to the next level. I think Warner's playoff experience trumps ARod in this case. Cardinals 42, Packers 34

Chris Cameron: The song remains the same for two of the three rematches of Week 17 and the Patriots enter another post-season of playing with house money.

Patriots vs. Ravens: No Welker? No problem for the Patriots. They have plenty of other weapons like Watson and Faulk. The question mark is the young defense.

The Ravens D, however is still nasty but beatable. And Baltimore has some weapons of mass scoreboard destruction of their own with Flacco, Rice and Mason. I expect a shootout.

Belichick finds a way to scheme out a win and sends the Ravens home for the winter migration, 37-32.

Bengals vs. Jets: Don't be fooled by the Jets last week. Cincy laid down for them.

The Bengals see the return of four defensive starters and Cedric Benson this weekend, something New York did not have to deal with last time.

Worst yet, if Cincy shuts down the Jets' only dimension of attack, the running game then the win rests in the hands of Mark Sanchez. Oh boy.

Cincinnati dominates, 29-6, leaving Jets fans to mutter "just end the season" by halftime.

Cowboys vs. Eagles: Supposedly, teams don't go 3-0 against an opponent in a season. Bullshit.
"Since the NFL-AFL merger in 1970, there have been 18 times when a team went into a playoff game with a chance to complete a three-game season sweep, according to STATS, Inc. Those teams are 11-7."
Put together the Dallas offense clicking on all cylinders, an iffy Eagles running game despite the return of Westbrook, and a Phily defense that is inconsistent and you have the recipe for another 3-0 record head-to-head.

Dallas trims the Eagles' wings, 32-17 and Philadelphia fans will pin the fault on McNabb.

Cardinals vs. Packers: Green Bay is the NFC's version of the Chargers, a team nobody wants to play. The Packers' offensive line is making holes for Ryan Grant to run through and making time for Aaron Rodgers to complete plays in the air.

To make matters worse it looks like Arizona will be without Bouldin. And their running game might not be able to make the play action effective.

Green Bay puts a pasting on the Cardinals for the second straight week, when it counts most 42-20.
The 2010 Playoff Projections are written by blog contributors Rambler, Renal Failure, and myself, Chris Cameron.


Unfinished Rambler said...

Wow, RF, going against Chris and me on three of the four, and I'm the only one who didn't believe in my quarterback from this past season. Maybe I should have had more faith. Well, we'll see, gentlemen. Personally, I hope I'm wrong, I like Rodgers and company.

renalfailure said...

That's how the Wild Card rolls, bitches!

Defending Champion said...

Cowboys over Eagles, Cardinals over Packers, Patriots over Ravens, and Bengals over Jets. Go to Vegas now and place your bets.

Leigh's Husband said...

I have officially given up the rights to defending champion.

Chris C said...

I'm baffled by all the people who think the Cards will beat the Pack.

I know, it could happen but probably not.

GB is a really good team that had serious OL issues all season and they still went 11-5. Now their guys in the trenches are healthier and playing better as a unit.

Arizona's DL will have to play out of their minds this weekend in order to ensure the win.