Friday, September 12, 2008

Week 2: The Excuses Begin ...

Let me start by stating a simple fact: I don't even like Tom Brady. That being said, I was certainly feeling pretty good when he ended up on my roster. Hell, I was even thinking of dumping the geriatric Favre - thought he should have stayed retired. My-oh-my, how things changed ... now he is the only thing that can change the situation from me getting my ass handed to me into just barely getting beat. There's little doubt I'm in trouble. I start every season pumped about my fantasy team and by week four I don't even bother sitting people who have a bye week. Well, this year will be different - I will not endure, I will prevail! I only wish I had gone with my heart instead of my head and picked up more of my beloved Bills ... it appears my heart may actually be the brains of the operation. Ah hell, that mase no sense ... which, given my squad may be fitting. Maybe I'll go see what I cannot find in the free agent market - I'll leave you with this:

See you on the gridiron. CHEERS!