Monday, December 15, 2008

La Machine Rolls Along In Playoffs

What was that they say about the third time?

I played The White Strypers twice during the regular season and lost both times.

Welker and Warner helped them but in the end they could not counter the point production of Tony Gonzalez, Santana Moss, and my late-season pickup Sammy Morris.

After three tries I finally beat The White Strypers which leads to the obvious question...who do I face in the Finals?

Fantasy Virgin has a twelve-point cushion but Rambler has Brian Westbrook going tonight.

EDIT: I'm an idiot. Leigh is up 117-85 which is a 32-point cushion. Unless Westbrook has a big game which is possible I will face The Fantasy Virgin in the playoffs.

On a side note the two teams that lose this week in both the playoffs and the consolation rounds play for 3rd and 7th place respectively in week 16.


Anonymous said...

The Eagles rolled, but Westbrook didn't. Congratulations, O King of HBFFL, you get to face your Queen, the Dominatrix of HBFFL.

Anonymous said...

I had so much fun this season!! I'm so sorry I never conributed to this blog, but yeah, those pesky six kids of mine kinda got in the way.

Note to self: the mommy bloggers with zillions of kids that actually find time to blog are NOT real women, but freaks that that guy Diesel conjures up in his basement just to annoy the freaking crap out of me.

Anyway, thanks for all the fun. It was great therapy and kept me smiling. I'm ticked at myself that I'm sorta getting my act together at the end now. I'm aiming for a 5th place finish which will be great after hovering near the bottom all season.