Wednesday, December 31, 2008

The People's Retrospective on the 2008 Season

Well, the People's Champion Renal Failure finished a disappointing seventh place in the inaugural season of the Humor Bloggers Fantasy Football League. But the People's Champion is far from disappointed. It was a hell of a fun season and we were happy to be part of it, even when we started 1-4. So now we want to look back on this past season and highlight some of the People's high and low points.

The People's MVP: Arizona WR Larry Fitzgerald. Week in and week out, only Fitzgerald provided consistent quality performances, starting for the Failure every week (except of course his bye week). He ended the season leading the HBFFL in points by a wide receiver with 245. Coming in a close second was San Diego QB Philip Rivers who finished fourth in points among QB's.

The People's Best Free Agent: Tennessee RB Chris Johnson. We picked him up early in the season when it became apparent that Joseph Addai was not going to be the productive high draft pick the so-called experts had claimed. And the move paid off. Johnson put up 214 points to Addai's 114 and gave the People's Champion much needed stability at running back. Now if only LenDale White didn't vulture so many TD's from Johnson...

The People's Biggest Failure: Cincinnati QB Carson Palmer. It's a double failure here. One because of his dismal performance at the beginning of the year and Two because we started him for those first two games instead of Philip Rivers, which definitely contributed to our dismal 0-2 start. And though fellow disappointment Addai was drafted higher, Carson was nowhere near as useful as Addai was (if only for a few weeks).

The People's Bipolar Award: Jacksonville RB Maurice Jones-Drew. He either put up 40 points or four. Every week was a roll of the dice. The People sure love excitement.

The People's How the Hell Did We Get Him Award?
A tie between Houston RB Steve Slaton and New England QB Matt Cassel. The Ramblers released Slaton mid-season and the People welcomed him in off the waiver wire, an event that still shocks us to this day. Slaton had more points at the end of the season than all of the Rambler running backs, including Brian Westbrook.

Cassel was a late-season pick-up and insurance policy if anything happened to star QB Philip Rivers, but we were surprised to see that What the Canuck? had not picked him up to replace the injured Tom Brady. Cassel ended the season with more points than Canuck's Brett Favre and Trent Edwards.

The People's Ace in the Hole: Our defense and kickers. The Philadelphia Eagles were the top scoring defense in the HBFFL and Eagles' kicker David Akers was the league's second-leading kicker. With Tennessee kicker Rob Bironas (1oth) and Chicago's D (5th) backing them up, Renal Failure found unconventional ways to put points on the board.

The People's Scourge: Dallas Fucking Clark. Forget our Week 13 loss to Fantasy Virgin, this is why we didn't make the playoffs.

This was Renal Failure's first ever fantasy football season and we look forward to coming back next year to represent The People.


Chris C said...

I have been playing fantasy football for 13 years now and not once have I ever heard anyone blame missing the playoffs on their tight end.

You might be the first my friend. :)

Glad you and everyone else had fun. I had a blast. Can't wait until next year.

On a side note, love The Rock and he's turning into a good actor but he had the worst finishing move EVER in wrestling. An elbow? Come on.

Sounds more like the People's Limp Wrist.

Oh and next year remind me to register this frigging blog on HB and humorbloggers so we can promote our funny posts.

Anonymous said...

The real peoples champion has just posted on hmor blogs. Go to Leigh On Line

Anonymous said...

Anonymous, huh? I don't think so, Leigh's husband! :)

As for your post, RF, Steve Slaton -- d'oh! I was hitting myself in the head after that one, as I should have been.

But Dallas Clark...oh, yeah. :)