Thursday, September 25, 2014

Week 4: Who is Watching the BOOKWATCHERS?

LOBO -Predator Press

After a lot of bootstrapping, the Preds detonated Bourbon Blasters in Week 3 -sadly, our first victory of the season.  I figured Aaron Rogers and the entire Bourbon Blaster WR corps were expected to get at least thirty points collectively, but as a consequence, our beloved Preds squeaked though by scarcely doubling their score.


Now I'm beset with a mediocre draft, a cascade of injuries, arrests, and bye weeks.  Thank God for Mason Crosby!  My roster is so full of waiver wire handcuffs that the most seasoned dominatrix I know uttered my 'safe word' [harder] on sight.*

And with this motley crew, I get the Championship rematch with the Future Ex-Cons:

Artist's Rendering

My strategy will be straight out of the first three Rocky movies.  Just like Apollo Creed, I'm gonna dazzle the HBFFL with some trash talk, flashy antics, fancy footwork, and inexplicable reckless underestimation of all my opponents.

I might even celebrate my victories by finally watching Rocky IV this weekend.

*Whatever you do, don't tell her Kirk Cousins is not really my cousin.  Holy crap would she be pissed.


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Michael Wolfe said...

ISL: Man, I am just clicking on EVERYTHING.

-Are you the guys who will leak my nude photos to TMZ?