Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Week 16: 2013 Humor Bowl preview

by Renal Failure

"Oh, let's see what how my fantasy team did to- OH GOOD LORD!"

When you get savagely beat 153-87 in your playoff game... when you get savagely beat by someone scoring the biggest point total of the season... you just want to crawl into a hole and not come out until 2014.  Our only solace is that it didn't matter that we left Zac Stacy's 27 points on the bench, which would have made the score 153-110, which is still a large margin to be crushed by.

Nick Foles threw a 42-point bear into outer space.  Eddie Lacy had 28 points on the ground for the Packers. Hell, even Justin Tucker had as many points as our leading scorer Cam Newton (20pts).  Shit went wrong for the People at the worst time. McCoy and Moreno vanished. Nelson came up small. Just an ugly, ugly week for Renal Failure.

So Predator Press and LOBO convincingly advance to the 2013 Humor Bowl to face Troi's Ex-Cons, who beat Delusion of Adequacy by a non-convincing 86-74.  One of these teams is going to be the first multiple championship winner in the HBFFL, and if Troi does it he will be the first consecutive championship winner too. 


So how do PredPress and Ex-Cons stack up?  Yahoo! gives the edge to PredPress 108-102 in their initial projections, and that's with LOBO inexplicably having Nick Foles benched in favor of Colin Kaepernick as we write this. PredPress looks to get Adrian Peterson back, and if Lacy should do well against Pittsburgh if Aaron Rodgers remains out.  Brandon Marshall should have some fun vs. the Eagles, much like Greg Jennings did last week.

Ex-Cons as usual must depend on Peyton Manning to come up big vs. Houston, which is likely.  Frank Gore will probably have a big game vs. Atlanta.  Marshawn Lynch will have trouble going into Beast Mode vs. Arizona though.  That's troublesome.  A.J. Green's going to need a big game for Troi to stay in this.

We're picking Predator Press to be your 2013 Humor Bowl champions. If you can beat Renal Failure three times in a season, you deserve to hold the title. Plus LOBO has Denver TE Julius Thomas in the lineup, and any points he get will cancel out Manning's

Guess we'll go set up our lineup for the consolation game...

Renal Failure is the People's Champion of the HBFFL, and one time was the actual champion of the HBFFL. 


Michael Wolfe said...

Foles has a tough matchup. I was actually leaning towards Cutler. Cutler has something to prove, it's a contract year, and fantasy-wise it's a pretty good matchup.

-Plenty of sleep shall be lost fretting over this! lol

Michael Wolfe said...

I could roll the dice on Cousins too.

... Decisions, decisions.