Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Lucky seven win streak for the People

by Renal Failure

We weren't going to post this week about our 7-straight victory, but then we saw this in the Yahoo! recap of our Week Nine victory of Troi's Future Ex-Con's.

"Renal Failure has developed a reputation as unbeatable after winning their last seven."

The kindest words we've heard all season... and they come from an automated recap program. Oh well, a win's a win - 104-78 over the 1st place highest scoring team in the HBFFL. Yeah, he didn't have Peyton Manning or Frank Gore, but we didn't have Wes Welker (or technically Arian Foster too).  Bye week blues get no pity from us. Even Jonathan Martin would tell you to buck up.


Will we get to 8 straight wins in Week 10 vs. 3rd place Predator Press(6-3)?  Yahoo! doesn't seem to think so, giving LOBO a 106-88 projected edge in our matchup.  For a second week this season, a Renal Failure victory could hinge on Nick Foles forgetting how to play quarterback after a deep space bear-chucking previous week. 

LOBO doesn't remember what it's like to lose to Renal Failure, because he hasn't done that since the HBFFL championship game of 2010...

At 7-2, Renal Failure is only two wins away from the magic nine win mark.  No team in the HBFFL has ever missed the playoffs with nine wins.  Only two teams have missed the playoffs with 8 wins (2008 Renal Failure and 2011 NoNames), and only one team has made it in with 7 wins (Purple Drank in 2012 at 7-6-1). 

Renal Failure is the 2010 HBFFL and FTWL champion, as well as the People's Champion. Every week Richie Incognito calls our voicemail and leaves us a pep talk.  We still haven't found his brother Guy Incognito though.


nonamedufus said...

8 wins in 2011? Really? Boy, those were the days!

Michael Wolfe said...

Renal who?


Michael Wolfe said...

I gotta get this crap switched back to "LOBO."

-Updating to a google profile was some of the dumbest advice I've ever taken.