Friday, August 27, 2010

All Time Fantasy Team Brings Back Memories

Yahoo had a great post today about the best all-time fantasy players, the busts, and the one-hit wonders.

It brought back some memories.

There was the time I had the #1 overall pick in 1997 and took Barry Sanders the season he blew up for 2,053 rushing yards. I had the best record, highest-scoring team, and #1 seed in the playoffs.

Then, in the post-season I ran into the guy who had wideout Rob Moore and Jake Plummer.

Not only did Moore rack up 1,584 yards and eight touchdowns that year but he also averaged 99 yards a game. And he was a beast in the last three weeks:

Wk 14: 188 yds, 0 td
Wk 15: 114 yds, 3 td (playoffs)
Wk 16: 31 yds, 0 td (playoffs)

Plummer was nasty as well:

Wk 14: 270 yds passing, 2 td
Wk 15: 337 yds passing, 4 td (playoffs)
Wk 16: 180 yds passing, 21 yards rushing, 1 rush td (playoffs)

I got the beat down in week fifteen and that owner went on to win it all despite a soft showing by Plummer and Moore in the championship round.

Moore was not mentioned by the way in the article. He should have been a one-hit-wonder.

I cheered up though looking at the honorable mentions for running backs.
Honorable mention: Earl Campbell in '79 and '80, Eric Dickerson in '84, Jim Brown in '58, O.J. Simpson in '73, Terrell Davis in '98, Shaun Alexander in '05, Emmitt Smith in '95, Walter Payton in '77, Jamal Lewis in '03, Barry Sanders in '97, Chris Johnson in '09, Steven Jackson in '06, Marcus Allen in '85, Larry Johnson in '05 and '06, Roger Craig in '85, Holmes in 2002, Faulk in '98, '99, '01.
I have had the fortune of owning three on that list (in bold).

I also had two of those players the year after their big season (Smith in ’96 and Alexander in ’06). Both lost production due to injuries and both were first round picks.

I can still remember watching Dallas’ first game of the season against Chicago on MNF in 1996. Emmitt dives over the pile at the goal line and scores the touchdown but gets hurt, one of many injuries that year. Ouch.

There were good memories and there were bad. It was fun to go down that road none the less. Thanks Yahoo.

Do you have any good or bad fantasy football memories? Put them down in the comments below.


renalfailure said...

I remember in '08 when Canucklehead lost Tom Brady for the year in the first game - nay, the first series of the season, one year removed from his 50 touchdown season. Oh, how we laughed...

Chris Cameron said...

Oh no, you went there lol.