Friday, August 6, 2010

2010 FF Offseason Report

Like in 2009, the HBFFL officially kicks off the 2010 fantasy football season with our look at the before-time that is the offseason...

Brett Favre Works Out With High School Team Again…Retires Again…Denies it Again…

As the quarterback turns. The only thing missing from this soap opera is the bad lighting.

Oh, and add a few more records to Favre’s amazing list:

-most times worked out with high school team: 2
-most times retired: 4
-most times denied being retired: 4
-most times returned from retirement: 3*

*Player still active in category.

Everyone in Fantasy Football Had Ray Rice On Their Team

 One thing I noticed in the fantasy football forums in the offseason was how everyone and their mother either drafted Ray Rice or picked him up on the waiver wire.

Somehow everyone won their league with the same player too. Weird.

Terrell Owens Signs with Cincinnati; ESPN Drools

Owens is now lined up opposite Ocho Cinco, who wasted no time in getting his own name above the fold with contract talk just a day after the signing. If they are already battling for media attention in July you can just imagine how the season will be.

ESPN thought the signing was so amazing that they even posed the question of which combo would be bigger, the Owens/Ocho duo or the Big Three on the Heat.

Yeah, it was a slow news week.

What is your big news of the 2010 offseason? Leave your answers in the comments below...


renalfailure said...

I heard LeBron James, Chris Bosh, and Dwayne Wade are all going to play for Predator Press this season in the HBFFL. The announcement will be made next week during the first ten minutes of an episode of Law and Order on TNT.

LOBO said...

lol!!! The funny thing is I am posting my dream team in a day or so ... :)