Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Noname Making Name For Himself

Week 2 has come and gone and the Nonames have slipped quietly into second place with two wins in a row.

Thanks to QB Aaron Rodger's passing record of 480 yards against Washington and RGIII - which translated into 45 fantasy points - the Nonames  finished week 2 with the Biggest Blowout, defeating Chris's Purple Drank 115-71.

Hey, Peyton, that Rodgers is pretty good, eh? 
Shut up, Eli.

WR Dez Bryant racked up 25 points for the Nonames. WR Victor Cruz helped with another 16.

Davis Wilson continues to disappoint for both the Giants and the Nonames coming away from Week 2 with 1 point - an improvement of 2 points over last week's disastrous personal effort.

So Chris must have imbibed the Kool-Aid in Week 2.

Week 3 sees the 2-0-0 Nonames take on the 1-1-0 Bourbon Blasters.

Yahoo Sports has us evenly matched at the moment.

If those Blasters have bourbon in the water cooler it could be an entirely different game.

With a performance like that you should double check your insurance coverage RG.

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Michael Wolfe said...

The Bourbon Blasters are tough.

-After five years, I think Leigh has finally had enough of this shit.