Monday, September 2, 2013

Looking Back At the Offseason

The sixth season of the HBFFL is upon us so it seems fitting to take a moment to look back at the offseason and what has happened since new-comer Troi won the championship last December.

And he ruined my magical Cinderella story season. I WAS SUPPOSED TO WIN. No, I'm not still bitter why do you ask?

Deep cleansing breath...

So a lot has happened since then. Let's go back in time...getting blurry...getting blurry. Wait, what do you mean you aren't seeing the wavy warp thing? Hmmm, I think someone put something in my drink.

The biggest news was of course the change of the Pro Bowl format to, you guessed it, fantasy. Yup, each side will have a captain and the two will draft their team from the entire pool of players in both conferences. Standard scoring, no PPR.

The killer news this offseason (too soon?) was Aaron Hernandez moonlighting as a one-man crime spree. Who knew he was such a master of time management? He was able to juggle both a full-time career in football and a full-time career as a gang-banger. Allegedly of course. 

And wrapping it up...finally both Yahoo and ESPN added the drafting feature to their smartphone apps for 2013. Yes, you can now draft a team while dropping a deuce. Will the wonders of technology ever cease? I hope not.

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