Monday, August 29, 2011

Welcome to Fantasy Why? Land

"Zee pick, Boss, zee pick"

Uh-oh. What have I done now? Well I'll tell you what I've done. I've gone and accepted an invitation to participate in a fantasy football league. And not just any league. It's the prestigiousHumor Blogger Fantasy Football League. Seems they're an owner or two short this year and one of the existing owners Unfinished Person asked me if I'd be interested in playing. Well, first of all I'm gratified that they think I'm a humour blogger (and a Canadian, hence the "u" - "hence the u", that's a funny expression, isn't it? Must be Canadian.). My fantasy football skills remain to be seen.

Now if that wasn't enough, a member of that fantasy league runs another one called "FTWL" and he asked me to join that one too. Hey, what the heck. If I'm gonna go down I may as well go down in spectacular fashion.

What do I know about fantasy leagues? My brother (HI WHITEY!) from *spits* Toronto is into fantasy leagues. He's been participating in a national baseball rotisserie league since I can't remember when. But then he's the sports director of a national newspaper. Of course he knows what he's doing.

Me? Yeah I know about individual football players. There are those who e-mail photos of their junk to young ladies. Others breed dogs to fight each other and shoot them if they don't perform. Still others stick a gun in their pants and manage to shoot themselves in the leg in bars. And there was one former player who used to run through airports and after he retired had trouble putting his gloves on.

On the field, I follow the New England Patriots, The Pittsburg Steelers, the Indianapolis Colts and the New York Giants. A Canadian, who lives in none of those cities or regions, I'm happy to see any of those teams make the Super Bowl.

But fantasy leagues are about individuals from across the league not any one team or another. The irony of fantasy leagues is you may well be cheering for teams you hate because you've got a player or two from that team on your fantasy team. You still with me? Good, maybe you'll be able to help me and give me a few recommendations in the comments about which players to pick.

So instead of sitting on the couch in my underwear drinking beer and watching football all by myself, I'll be able to do it with 10-12 virtual friends. Good times!

Seriously, I'm going up against some pretty solid guys who have been doing this for several years. Me, I've never participated in a fantasy league before. Wish me luck as I embark on my little sojourn to Fantasy Why? Land. I'll update you from time to time unless, of course, I really suck at this and in that case you may never hear about it again.

So long, sucker.

Mrs Dufus has her own thoughts about all this which you can read about at dufus daze. I can't really say she's all that enthusiastic.

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