Wednesday, August 3, 2011

And We Are Back For Another Season

Whew. There almost wasn't fantasy football this season.

Who cares about millionaires and billionaires fighting over money right? Just get on the damn field so we can win fictional championships.

And they finally did.

So here we are, the HBFFL ready to embark on its fourth season and provide our 20 readers with our epic and often gripping tales of the thrill of victory. And the agony of defeat.

Let's start things off with Remy's classic Fantasy Football Rap...

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LOBO said...

20 readers? We doubled our circulation? Freakin SWEET.

The graphic on the sidebar tells a story, and until I pushed through the Vicodin fog I almost wrote to dispute it: it shows Rambler and Joe with 10 and 12 wins respectively, whereas RF and I only won 8 and still came out ahead.

Most of 2010 was RF and I impatiently waiting for our teams to "light up" in perplexed frustration, analogous perhaps to banging on panels in the Millennium Falcon. Then in true dramatic sci-fi fashion, everything whined to life at the last second and FOOOOM -we were spirited away from evil and to victory.

-That's the last time we let Rambler tinker with our hyperdrive.